Saturday, June 2, 2012

Living and thriving solo...sort of...

Mine and Abby's stunt doubles
Hello out there in cyber land! I'm here and I haven't forgot about my handful of followers. (Although I'm sure when y'all saw I had a new post on my blog y'all thought, 'Oh yeah, she does that.') ;-)
Yes I still DO that...from time to time. Haven't in a while because I've been a bit busy...but that's okay! Thought I would take this opportunity to catch y'all up with what I have been busy with. :-))

First of all, I got a new job! (I have two but this new, new one is one that I'm pretty proud of.) I work with a VERY nice and sweet lady named Donna Hughes at her company called Lone Star Portfolio Advisors. Donna is a broker and deals with commodities like cattle, hogs, wheat, and cotton. (I know this because these are some of the midday reports I have been printing out for her this past week.) Futures, securities, and hedging is also in the mix but...I'm still trying to figure those out! I've been there for two weeks and so far so good! LOTS to learn but I'm ready and up for the challenge! (Oh this reminds me, I need to google what 'bear' and 'bull' mean again. Donna explained but I get the two animals confused. I know one means something like aggressive and the other not so aggressive but when I think of them both, those animals are both pretty aggressive! Oooh Google....I need you to hang out with me for a while.)

 I've also been busy with school here lately. Well, lately, as in, the past two weeks. I started my new, new job the same day classes started. *Sigh...the joys of having to take allllllllll of your damn classes over because they DID NOT TRANSFER OUT OF STATE!!! (Punch in the stomach to the point it brings on tears every time I think of it) Yup, all my chemistry, maths, AP, microbiology classes...stayed in Oregon. (Along with the rain. And pretty scenery. And my cute and funny niece and nephew. :-/) Well, what happened was Oregon has four semesters in a year, Texas has three. So when my 5 credit chemistry classes tried to transfer they only were worth 3.25 credits here...not enough. Okay...I'll do them again. Whatever it takes right?? Whatever it takes to get my degree in Dental Hygiene...Maid of the mouth!

Yes that's me...this is all I can afford on my small budget. :-)

And this brings me to ANOTHER thing that has been keeping me busy...moving into a new house. Seems as though as I have forgotten how to live by myself. This morning I woke up to find that I had left my keys in the side door. Haven't figured out which is worse...leaving my keys in the door over night or just leaving both of my doors I did the other night as well. :-/
 I've decided there are some pros and cons to living alone...
1. I get the entire bed to myself...minus Abby's spot at the foot of the bed and that's really not too bad since I'm only 5'3"...I don't take up too much room.

2. I can face all of my labels in my cabinets and medicine cabinets FORWARD without people making fun of me and pointing. (I hate pointing) (BTW: I don't eat tuna from a can...only raw in sushi. My Aunt Marie claims I'm from Mars. I guess.) 
3. Lots of 'ME TIME'. Therapeutic. If I want to dance in my undies to any song I wish...I can...and do. Abby doesn't mind. Or point. Finger issues.
4. I can drink my dinner if I wish.
  5. If I feel like spending THREE HOURS in the bathroom doing 'girlie things'...I can. Girlie things: Pluck eyebrows. Apply masks made of aspirin and honey (look it's awesome!). Apply tan from a can. Try a new hair style only to end up with the same damn one. Reorganize your perfume bottles. Polish your toenails for the third time this week. Color hair. Use whitening strips on your teeth and then inspect them for 10 minutes after they come off. Try to decide what color to paint the bathroom. (Right now it looks like Tiffany blue and white...we'll see.) GIRLIE STUFF. AND I can do all of this without someone knocking on the door asking the question: "What the hell are you doing in there??"

Okay, I have found out that there are also some cons to living alone. :-/
Here they be....
1. Killing bus and spiders. I haven't seen a lot but still...when I do, I freeze. I have a huge fear of them and I know it's pathetic but I can't help it. They scare the crap out of me. Seriously. 

2. Leaving my keys in the door OR just simply leaving my doors unlocked. My neighborhood is a very nice neighborhood so I GUESS I just forget to take care of these things. I guess I just feel extremely comfortable because I have ALWAYS been the exact opposite with locking my doors at night (I used to check at least twice to make sure I locked them)...leaving the keys in the door, not so much...bad habit. 
3. I get the entire bed. Yes this is a Pro but also a Con too. I love my alone time but still get lonely. Ummm...yeah. 
 4. I like to watch scary movies but yet have watched one in my new house. I know that once I do, I will be convinced my house is either haunted, someone is stalking me, someone died in my house, or tried to break in. I will be hearing noises left and right and when you hear a noise...tough shit...guess who's checking it out. Yours truly. This reminds me of an idea I have. I think they should have an additional rating in the rating system to movies. It should be something like SG. SG = Single in, "You-see-this-movie-single-girl-who-is-going-home-to-a-dark-house...alone, you-will-hear-all-kinds-of-noises-for-the-next-two-weeks-be-scared-to-wash-your-face-in-the-shower-and-see-things-out-of-the-corner-of-your-eye" rating.
So, yeah...learning to live solo again has been quite an experience BUT it's all worth it. I'm enjoying it. Oh yeah and I figured this out as well...

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